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The Do-It-Yourself cloud platform that makes it simple to create and adjust your business processes. Join now and try it for free!
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Watch a 1 minute introduction

Why we do it

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) struggle to automate even the most simple business process because the existing software is just too complex, inflexible and expensive.


of all firms are SMEs

1. mobility
2. process automation
3. cloud
4. IT knowledge
5. security

top IT problems for SMEs

Financial services0%
Retail & distribution0%
Manufacturing, engineering, automotive0%

looking into cloud technology

We want to make it simple to automate business processes for everyone.

How we do it

By creating a cloud-native platform that does most of the work for you. So you can focus on optimizing your business processes.

It could all be so much simpler.

No coding required

We've created the building blocks, so you can focus on building and optimizing your business processes.

Any device

Available on any device, with any software (iOs, Android or Windows), using the newest technologies available.

Open API

Connect every system, software and machine to the platform with open API.


Become part of the community and share your ideas and solutions in the knowledge base.

Use based pricing

Costs are dependent on how you use the platform, enabling you to grow with the platform.

Cloud native

You can focus on your business, we'll take care of everything else including maintenance, updating and connections.

What we do

The Do-It-Yourself platform that makes it simple to create and adjust business processes.

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