BizzStream & Partners

Software suppliers bring the best of two worlds together by using existing software in combination with BizzStream.

Customer case Smink Infra

The strength of Smink Infra? Their people. The family business wants that employees can do their job as efficient as possible.

Apps vs BizzStream

As a company, you have to deal with vast quantities of information and countless data inputs on a daily basis.


BizzStream is a digital business platform that automates processes by modelling them instead of programming them.

Low Code

Using standard components makes it easy to build and modify complex processes with a minimum of code.


Extensive analysis and reporting functions make it fast and easy to see what’s happening in all of your processes.

Anytime, Anywhere

You can use BizzStream processes anytime and anywhere, through web browser, iOS and Android apps.

Cloud Native 

Focus on your customers. Launch quickly, without worrying about infrastructure, software updates and backups. 



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