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4 reasons why BizzStream is more convenient than separate apps

As a company, you have to deal with vast quantities of information and countless data inputs on a daily basis. Timekeeping slips, quality forms, daily reports, purchase orders, supplemental work orders… Your employees are swamped. Moving these forms into a digital format means installing an app. And then another one… Until there are countless different apps installed, each for one specific thing. The consequence? No overview, no integration, and a considerable risk of making mistakes. Surely there must be a better way to streamline all these paper trails and cut down on the high volume of data entry at the office?

BizzStream makes it possible. The platform digitalises work processes, but it also automates them. The only thing you need is an internet connection. But can’t you also get the same result by using lots of different apps? Sure; there’s an app for everything these days. But not all apps are the same, and there are huge differences in use and efficiency. Look at the differences in the following side-by-side comparison:

Different user interfaces ↔ One look and feel

Apps… each have their own user interface. But a uniform user interface makes it so much easier for people to use. If you rely on lots of different apps, you end up with a colourful range of apps with all types of different navigation structures. That is inconvenient, and it takes time to adjust to each new user interface.

BizzStream… provides a single environment and user experience for all work processes. It is recognisable, which makes it easy to switch between functions. Whether you are creating a work order, a damage adjustment form or a timekeeping slip: the look and feel is the same.

Standardisation ↔ Tailored solution

Apps… are usually generic. The functionalities are standard and cannot be adjusted or customised. In short, what you can do with it is set in stone. Of course there are also tailor-made apps, but they are often very expensive and take a long time to develop or implement. The same applies to modifications after implementation.

BizzStream… does things differently: instead of using a separate app for each registration and work flow, BizzStream will give you your own tools to model your business processes. It is easy to create a form, add or delete fields, and adjust the layout. In addition, you can also create the corresponding work flows. There is no fixed format like with a standard app, but a form and a work flow that is fully aligned with your way of working.

Limited access ↔Any device

Apps… are often developed for a specific device or operating system. This limits your options for accessing, editing or adding information anywhere you like – but you want to be able to work anytime, anywhere.

BizzStream… is accessible on any device and any operating system. Users are not dependent on any device and/or location. In addition, it is possible to link certain features of the smartphone to BizzStream, such as the camera or the GPS.

Digitalising ↔ Automating

Apps… are often an ‘isolated island’ when recording information: the documented information is only relevant for you, and is not part of a process.

BizzStream… gives you the option to use a digital format, but also to automate the process. In addition to entering (digital) information, you are launching an entire work process.

Take the timekeeping form, for example: an employee records their hours, and then the office employee needs to approve those hours. Once they are approved, the hours are transferred to the next step, serving as a basis for invoicing or payrolling.

BizzStream: fast and flexible for any business process

Keeping track of information using paper, spreadsheets and apps is still a time-consuming process, and remains error-prone. The considerations above show that an app often does provide a solution, but still remains limited and is not a fundamental part of your processes.

BizzStream is a platform that grows to accommodate your needs. You are in control of what information you create, process and streamline. You decide who can access, modify and approve information. You will discover that daily administration activities will become much easier and faster once they are not only digital, but also automated. An efficient approach to digital ways of working is now truly without our grasp.

Name:Daniëlle Stout

Function:Marketing Communication

Company:Van Meijel Automatisering B.V.


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