Smink Infra


3 to 4 weeks saved time per assignment.

The strength of Smink Infra? Their people. The family business want to assure that every employee, young and old, can do their job as efficient as possible. Smink Infra does this by investing in innovation and digitization. Therefore, their workorders have been automated by BizzStream.

From paper to digital

Smink Infra used to use paper workorders. This resulted in longer lead time and a higher risk of mistakes.

Now, by using digital workorders, the work of the employees at Smink Infra have been made a lot easier. Employees work with tablets and mobile devices which makes information about assignments always within hand reach. In a few clicks their work assignments have been handled.

The new digital way of working not only makes employees enthusiastic, it also makes them focus more on what Smink Infra is known for: unburdening clients.

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Company:Smink Infra


Sector:Civil Engineering

Smink Infra is a medium-sized organisation that has been helping to raise the Netherlands’
infrastructure to a higher level day by day since 1955. It does this with more than 60 employees.

“By handling my workorders through my mobile it saves me the effor to write everything in a day summary report. No more paper that gets dirty or lost. For me, but also for administration, my work got a lot easier.”

Jeroen van Wee, shovel operator at Smink Infra


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