Van der Tol


Works more efficient by timekeeping with BizzStream

In the coming years, Van der Tol faces a couple of challenges. One of these is to work more efficiently. Or in other words, to work digitally. Van der Tol started with this by using BizzStream for their timekeeping.

Double work is a thing of the past

Timekeeping with BizzStream brings employees from inside and outside a lot of benefits. An example is how employees who work outside easily register their hours in a weekly summary. Keeping track of paper receipts, which could potentially contain errors and can get lost, is a thing of the past. By eliminating paper flows, a lot of time is saved in the back office as well.

BizzStream offers the organisation a stable and future-proof foundation. With easy and flexible new methods of working, employees were able to adapt very quickly. It became way easier and faster and therefore became the new standard within Van der Tol.

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Company:Van der Tol

Industry:Green area

Sector:Civil Engineering

Van der Tol's climate-proof ECOstad is greener, healthier and more liveable. Green solutions promote biodiversity, make effective use of (rain) water, combat urban warming and improve the indoor climate. The organisation, with 150 employees, works on this on a daily basis.

“Digitisation plays an important role in the efficient structuring of our processes. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of having the field service work take place 100% digitally in the coming years.”

Olivier Copijn, Managing director at Van der Tol


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