Here at Maxedy, we are practical and realistic. That is also why our customers appreciate us: We take our promises seriously, we speak their language and we know what we are talking about.

Freedom and Responsibility

We believe in giving people both freedom and responsibility, so we steer clear of micro-management. Common sense achieves so much more than rigid rules and regulations.

Just Do

We would much rather dig right in: action, not endless discussion. There are so many things you just cannot plan for. What if things go wrong? Then we learn from it and try again.


We can only achieve results by collaborating with our customers and colleagues. We all have our strong and weak points, and we respect that. Maxedy is not about profit, but about the people who create and use our platform.

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Case study

Van der Tol

In the coming years, Van der Tol faces a couple of challenges. One of these is to work more efficiently. Or in other words, to work digitally. Van der Tol started with this by using BizzStream for their timekeeping.


Guest blog: Confection or customization?

In the fashion industry, off the rack apparel has become the standard and tailor-made is the exception. Since the human body can easily be reduced to a number of standard sizes, this is perfectly fine.


Digitalisation at Vink

At the beginning of this year, 170 employees at Vink Holding BV started working with BizzStream. The employees use it to record their work hours – planned or unplanned.


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