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Digitalisation leads to higher expectations from customers

Trade and industry are rapidly going digital. Many companies realise that a successful digital transformation is strategically crucial to stay competitive and complying with laws and regulations. That’s why companies are eager to update their products and processes, and even their corporate culture. The success of a digitalisation process depends on people and processes, but also on technology. That means that companies working on their digital transformation are demanding more and more from their software and from their software supplier.

Software needs to support complex business processes, but it should also be convenient and easy to use. Software needs to facilitate sharing information between employees, customers and suppliers, but it should also be safe and secure. Software needs to be able to adapt quickly to constantly changing preferences, but it should also be reliable. And the software suppliers? They are not only expected to provide the technology, but also to provide expert advice to support the digital transformation.

Product development is complex, time-consuming and expensive

Software suppliers are trying to continue developing their products in various ways to meet the new expectations of their customers. Some suppliers choose to rewrite their existing software completely using new technology. Other software suppliers choose to add new functionality to their existing software. Yet other software companies choose to build new functionalities based on new technologies, and then integrate them with legacy software. And then there are the software suppliers that try to keep their customers satisfied by developing software tailored to their customers’ needs.

While many software suppliers are wrestling with complex, time-consuming and expensive software development, their customers are getting increasingly impatient. They no longer accept software as a bottleneck in their digital transformation process. They want to have software that meets their expectations, and they want it right now. If software suppliers cannot provide that, they have invalidated themselves as a potential digital transformation partner. As a result, customers start looking for alternatives, opening doors for competitors to move in.

Trustworthiness and flexibility with existing software

To be successful in today’s market, software suppliers need to focus on customer demands instead of technology. That requires a new approach where existing software can still be used quickly and flexibly. Once we understood that, we also realised that what software companies actually need is a flexible process layer around their existing programs. For that reason, we have developed a digital business platform: BizzStream.

In BizzStream, business processes are automated by modelling them instead of programming them. Using standard components makes it easy to build and modify complex processes with a minimum of code – and customers can opt to do it without assistance. By integrating BizzStream processes into existing software, you will achieve a comprehensive solution that combines the functionality of existing programs with the flexibility of BizzStream.

From technology supplier to digital transformation partner

Software suppliers bring the best of two worlds together by using existing software in combination with BizzStream. They can still keep using their investments in existing programs, while responding quickly and flexibly to the demands of their customers. That shifts the focus to customer demands instead of technology. There are great opportunities here!

Software companies and their customers can join forces to constantly improve business processes and respond to changes in the market. As a software supplier, you will no longer be the bottleneck in your customer’s digital transformation process of your customer; now you’re the accelerator! Stay ahead of the competition by changing your role from technology provider to digital transformation partner.

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