How does it work?

Digital Business processes with BizzStream Core

The beating heart that powers it all is BizzStream Core, which automates business processes by modelling them based on digital documents. Users can work with these documents through their desktop web browser, tablet and smartphone.

Use layouts to create a user interface – or use the visual editor for an easy way to create one yourself. Drag the elements you want to see on the layout, configure them, and you are ready to go!

Insights with BizzStream Analytics

BizzStream Analytics lets you create dashboards and reports based on information in BizzStream documents. The mature business intelligence functions make it easy to monitor processes and to respond quickly to ad-hoc questions.

BizzStream Analytics can be used to build dashboards and provide them to users. These dashboards are interactive: Users can analyse charts, create links to related reports, modify filter settings, change data sorting and change diagram types themselves.

Pre-modelled Processes in the Marketplace

The BizzStream Marketplace offers packages with pre-modelled business processes. Get off to a flying start with BizzStream by installing packages, adjusting them to your situation and then using them in your business.

As a partner, you can set up BizzStream Marketplace featuring your own packages. By creating packages that integrate with your software, you can get your customers started quickly with a comprehensive solution that combines the functionality of your own application with the flexibility of BizzStream.

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