Insight for Everyone

BizzStream Analytics lets you create dashboards and reports based on information saved in documents. These functions are easy to use, so even less tech-savvy users will be able to retrieve insights from the business data without assistance.


Data often becomes much more clear with visualisations. That is why BizzStream Analytics provides a range of visualisation options, such as maps, meters, and various types of animated charts. And you can completely style all visualisation elements yourself.

Interactive Dashboards

BizzStream Analytics can be used to build dashboards and provide them to users. These dashboards are interactive: Users can analyse charts, create links to related reports, modify filter settings, change data sorting and change diagram types themselves.

Advanced Reports

There is an Excel-style report designer available for more advanced users. It can be used to create advanced reports, for instance using dynamic pivot tables. The advanced report designer gives users complete control.

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Case study

Van der Tol

In the coming years, Van der Tol faces a couple of challenges. One of these is to work more efficiently. Or in other words, to work digitally. Van der Tol started with this by using BizzStream for their timekeeping.


Guest blog: Confection or customization?

In the fashion industry, off the rack apparel has become the standard and tailor-made is the exception. Since the human body can easily be reduced to a number of standard sizes, this is perfectly fine.


Digitalisation at Vink

At the beginning of this year, 170 employees at Vink Holding BV started working with BizzStream. The employees use it to record their work hours – planned or unplanned.


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