If employees use BizzStream to track their hours, employees can easily use their tablet, smartphone or desktop computer to access a weekly overview, entering the hours they work on a daily basis. BizzStream offers everything you need to model your timekeeping. As a result, the process will be configured to your needs, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Work Orders

BizzStream offers everything you need to streamline how your work orders are processed. Have your employees fill in their work orders digitally, directly from their tablets or smartphones. Always working with real-time information from your current software system dramatically reduces the risk of input errors.

Handling Purchase Invoices

BizzStream offers everything you need to automate invoice processing and make invoices payable. The platform offers comprehensive options and automatically assigns approval tasks to the right persona, ensuring that you will always have an up-to-date overview of all the invoices and their status. Invoice processing can be both efficient and reliable.

And Much More

With BizzStream the possibilities are endless. Every business process can be modelled and automated. Do you have a specific niche process? This is where BizzStream shines the most!

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Case study

Van der Tol

In the coming years, Van der Tol faces a couple of challenges. One of these is to work more efficiently. Or in other words, to work digitally. Van der Tol started with this by using BizzStream for their timekeeping.


Guest blog: Confection or customization?

In the fashion industry, off the rack apparel has become the standard and tailor-made is the exception. Since the human body can easily be reduced to a number of standard sizes, this is perfectly fine.


Digitalisation at Vink

At the beginning of this year, 170 employees at Vink Holding BV started working with BizzStream. The employees use it to record their work hours – planned or unplanned.


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